There are a lot of questions to answer before you decide witch home to buy  depending on your experience. I get a feel for what you know and Augment that to fill in the gaps. With my experience I can help you get an idea of the condition of a home as we preview it. If you want a part of the home to be a little different or more functional to meet your needs I can answer the questions of how could this be accomplished. I can answer what the potential for expansion might be and how much that might cost. I can also help with any modifications after you buy. If you are not entirely familiar with the process of making an offer or the contract involved I will explain anything you are not familiar with in a way that is understandable. I have strong and creative negotiating skills to help you navigate the offer/counteroffer stage of the purchase.The main goal is to get you into a solid home that meets as many of your needs as possible.

"An advantage to working  with Dave as a buyer  is his experience in home renovation and repair, with his on the spot analysis of the structure of a home. No more guessing just ask Dave. "

"Having Dave available while looking at  a home gave us an idea of how we might change the  potential house to better fit our needs and  the cost associated with making the changes"


All homes should be inspected by an independent inspector.

I have experience looking at properties for their investment potential. What kind of return will you get from the property. How much and how fast will it appreciate? I am able to answer questions about potential maintenance costs . How can a distressed property be renovated and sold for a profit.



















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